Enter the Temple ~ Women’s Workshop



Our body is our sacred temple. Join us for an afternoon of sisterhood, self-worship, radical self-love and self -care of our most sacred vehicle, ourSELVES!

It’s a common problem that women often lack the boundaries and the self worth to say no to others and the demands of life to make time for themselves. I believe this is a common wound left over from hundreds of years where women were treated like property and slaves! In order for women to really be equal we have to own our own power and authority over ourselves. This means saying no to others when we know we are tired and making room in our life for self-nourishing practices. In other words we need to get really good at making self-love and self-care a priority, in fact we NEED this to heal any self worth issues and to continue giving, creating and living with love.

In this workshop we will love ourselves first so we can:

  • Learn how love (not self-critism, self-neglect and self-hate) energizes, heals and helps us grow
  • Prove to ourselves that we are worthy of really deeply loving ourselves every day and loving ourselves in ways that really reveal and enhance the beauty and power of our feminine
  • Realize that our sisters are a mirror of our own selves and how we can go further together rather than alone
  • Experience Taoist Qigong practices specific to women’s health and sexuality and incorporate them into our self-care routine

Stephanie Lafazanos BSc Kinesiology, Certified Medical Intuitive, Holistic Practitioner and Sacred Feminine Instructor has been studying the art of self nurturing for over twenty years. Her quest on this path was originally to help her heal and as she found the tremendous healing benefits of regular Qigong practice they have propelled her forth to be a leader and teacher of Taoist Tantra / Qigong to women worldwide.

We will be getting familiar with some of the practices that go with the Taoist Jade Egg. Although we won’t be using actual Jade Eggs, if you have one you can wear it to class or just use an “Imaginary” egg like we all will be and get familiar with how to practice with your egg. Stephanie will have eggs and an on-line program on sale and she is also available for private sessions or group bookings with a minimum of five women.

LOCATION Grattitude Yoga  in Salmon Arm. 185 Hudson Ave NE

TIME 1-4pm on Saturday December 2nd

REGISTER Online through Paypal or send an e-transfer to Stephanie at loveofthai@yahoo.com


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